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Lost Farm YUZU FIZZ x ‘Sour Dream’ Gummies (Sativa Dominant)

Lost Farm YUZU FIZZ x ‘Sour Dream’ Gummies (Sativa Dominant)


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Infused with Sour Dream Live Rosin

Strain Notes

The impressive result of crossing superstar strains Blue Dream and Sour Diesel, sativa-dominant Sour Dream offers aromas of pungent gas and sugared grapefruit. It is naturally extracted into solventless live rosin.

Flavor Notes

This earthy, Sour Dream rosin-forward gummy is finished with light, lemony citrus flavors and a slight yuzu tartness.

100% Live Rosin

Going back to Kiva’s roots, live rosin is a solventless concentrate created with care and craftsmanship. This exceptionally natural extraction process creates a pure expression of the plant, allowing each strain’s unadulterated aromas and terpenes to shine.



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