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Lost Farm Tangerine x ‘Sunset Sherbert’ Chews

Lost Farm Tangerine x ‘Sunset Sherbert’ Chews


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Lost Farm Tangerine x ‘Sunset Sherbert’ Chews

10mg THC per piece | 100mg THC total in 10 pieces

Infused with Sunset Sherbet

Lost Farm Fruit Chews and Gummies are strain-specific, plant-based confections made with 100% live resin. These edibles immortalize the fresh cannabis plant and harmoniously combine it with fruit flavors that enhance each strain’s unique profile. The result is a full-sensory, ultra-fresh, and extra-strength edible

Strain Notes:

What do you get when you cross the immensely popular GSC strain with Pink Panties? Strongly indica-dominant with a terpy uniqueness, Sunset Sherbet boasts a berry bubblegum and fruit cookie fragrance with a faint hint of fresh, earthy forest.

Flavor Notes:

The first taste of Cherry Chews reveals tart, tangy black cherry flavors. These open into notes of sugary, stone fruit sweetness which perfectly balance the loud earthiness of the Sky OG strain.


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