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Camino Pineapple Habanero “Uplifting” Gummies

Camino Pineapple Habanero “Uplifting” Gummies


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Camino Pineapple Habanero “Uplifting” Gummies

A physical road takes you to a physical place. Camino (“road” in Spanish) takes you to a state of mind. Get a taste of the Southwest and invigorate your senses. Kiva’s Pineapple Habanero Camino gummies pair energy-stimulating sativa terpenes with ripe pineapple and a touch of heat.


• Limonene – Reduces stress, alleviates asthma and allergies, reduces inflammation, and acts as an antioxidant.

• Beta-Caryophyllene – May assist with the body’s response to anxiety and stress.

• Linalool – Anti-anxiety and sedating effects.

• Alpha-Pinene – Improves attention span to deliver a more lucid and focused experience.

5mg THC per piece | 100mg THC total in 20 pieces


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