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3.5 Grams Exotic – Sugar Coded by Oakfruitland (Hybrid) THC: 30.79%

3.5 Grams Exotic – Sugar Coded by Oakfruitland (Hybrid) THC: 30.79%


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Product Description

Taste: Pine, Creamy Feeling: Heavy, Relaxed

Genetics: Triangle Kush x Dosido

Oakfruitland’s premium flower is cultivated in a top-of-the-line indoor facility to ensure the best flavor and potency.

Chemical Earthy Energetic Euphoric Grape Happy Indica Lift Your Spirits Motivate Your Mind Relaxed Skunk Stay Productive Sweet THC THC-Dominant Triangle Kush Tropical Woody THC/A 31.4% CBD/A 1.83% More about this strain:

Triangle Kush The Triangle Kush story begins in South Florida, where a young grower origins_tk_og accidentally crossed an Emerald Triangle female with pollen from a Hindu Kush plant.

According to the grower, the Hindu Kush seeds that eventually pollinated the Emerald Triangle plants came from Nevil Schoenmakers Seed Bank in Amsterdam. Origins_tk_og smuggled these seeds back to the US in 1989, and two years later he germinated those seeds and introduced the plants into his 12-light room once they were confirmed to be female plants.

One of those Hindu kush plants hermaphrodited and pollinated the room of Emerald Triangle plants. The resulting seeds went on to play a significant role in shaping the landscape of cannabis genetics in the United States. One of the seeds eventually became Triangle Kush while another became the OG Kush.

THC 30.79%


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