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.5G Infused Kief Mini Joint- Strawberry Banana By Ape (Indica)

.5G Infused Kief Mini Joint- Strawberry Banana By Ape (Indica)


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Introducing our mini joint, a 0.5-gram marvel packed with the premium, delectable Strawberry Banana indica strain, also affectionately known as “Strawnana”. Infused with kief and sprinkled with sugar diamonds, this mini joint promises an experience that’s as rich as it is rewarding.

Strawnana is a cannabis strain that sets itself apart with its sweet and fruity flavor, invoking the fresh allure of strawberries and bananas. Extra 10% more sauce gives our customers an extra 200 more puffs. Strawnana is a jewel in the cannabis crown, coveted by connoisseurs.

Light it up, and Strawnana reveals its magic – delivering happy and peaceful effects that ignite creativity and heighten sensory awareness. Whether you’re seeking to unwind or unleash your creative spirit, our kief-coated, sugar diamond-encrusted Strawnana mini joint is your perfect partner.



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