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3.5 Grams Top Shelf – Tangie Punch (Sativa) 31.8% THC

3.5 Grams Top Shelf – Tangie Punch (Sativa) 31.8% THC


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3.5 Grams Top Shelf – Tangie Punch (Sativa)

Tangie Punch is a rare evenly balanced sativa strain created through crossing the delicious Tangie X Purple Punch strains. This celebrity child boasts an eye-opening flavor with a super lifted high that will have you flying and keep you there for hours on end. Like its parent strains, this bud packs a super sweet and sour citrusy tangerine flavor with a one-two punch of fruity grape. The aroma is very similar, with a sour citrusy overtone accented by fresh earth and a touch of skunky berries. The Tangie Punch high isn’t quite as eye-opening, with effects that will lift you up in spirits but not necessarily in energy. You’ll feel lifted with a sense of calm that washes over your brain, lulling you into a tingly state of happiness. This tingle will soon wash throughout your entire body, leaving you feeling super calm from head to toe and without a care in the world.

THC: 31.8%


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