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3.5 Grams Top Shelf – Frozen Margy smalls (Hybrid) 31.3% THC

3.5 Grams Top Shelf – Frozen Margy smalls (Hybrid) 31.3% THC


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3.5 Grams Top Shelf – Frozen Margy smalls (Hybrid)

As you may have guessed, the Frozen Margy strain is a lime-flavored hybrid, with a similar flavor to a Margarita, that leans slightly to the Indica side. Frozen Margy is believed to have been created by Cannarado Genetics. It comes from a complex cross involving Chem D, Sour Dubble, Fire OG, Loompa’s Headband, Triangle Kush, and Pinesoul. First, Fire OG and Loompa’s Headband are mated. The result of this is then bred with Pinesoul. Fire OG and Loompa’s Headband are also bred with the offspring of Triangle Kush and Fire OG. The results of these two are mated together, then finally bred with the offspring of Chem D and Sour Dubble. Voila! With this complex lineage, we now we have Frozen Margy. The oval and tree-shaped Frozen Margy buds have wavy olive and forest-green leaves, interspersed with bundles of orange pistils. The thick coat of sticky gold trichomes lends a lime-green appearance and a yellow trim. Frozen Margy smells like lime-citrus and gasoline, with peppery notes. Smoking or vaping this strain releases the sour lime Margarita-like flavor, amidst notes of diesel and peppery spices. According to consumers, the Frozen Margy euphoria settles in slowly, and appears to affect the body just as much as the mind. One user reported how he felt it took a good 30 minutes for the psychoactive euphoria to fully kick in. And when it did, he started feeling relief from his chronic, arthritic pain.

THC: 31.3%

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