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3.5 Grams Super Exotic – Cake Frost (Indica / Hybrid) 36% THC

3.5 Grams Super Exotic – Cake Frost (Indica / Hybrid) 36% THC


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3.5 Grams Super Exotic – Cake Frost (Indica / Hybrid)

Cake Frost is an 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between Strawberry Shortcake and Jungle Cake.

It is known to give you a real dazed and relaxed feeling while putting you in a happy mood. This is not the strain to smoke if you need to focus on something. Additionally, the high is long-lasting and is excellent for treating chronic pain.

Strawberry Shortcake is excellent to share with friends because it sparks fun and exciting conversations. This strain is great for waking and baking, giving people a creative focus.  You will feel very giggly with this strain. Keep snacks on hand because the munchies are intense.

This strain doesn’t cause excessive sedation, making it ideal for day and nighttime use.

Because of genetics, potency, and other factors, strains can have drastically different effects. A person might find a cannabis strain that makes them feel motivated to work hard, while another individual might find it too strong to be productive.

36% THC



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