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3.5 Grams Super Exotic – Grandaddy Purple Zkittlez (Indica) 35% THC


3.5 Grams Super Exotic – Grandaddy Purple Zkittlez (Indica) 35% THC


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3.5 Grams Super Exotic – Grandaddy Purple Zkittlez (Indica)

Zkittlez and Grandaddy Purple are both descendants of the Urkle a California Legend, we have brought these both together for a true BX. Fumes of aroma and flavor await when you open a bag of Zkittlez BX, one of California’s most flavorful, fragrant, award-winning strains. The finished flower smells like purple Zkittlez! Tremendous terpenes which contribute to an ‘entourage effect’ far bigger than higher-THC-testing flowers, huge terpene load translates into huge tastes as well, a rainbow mouth watering, sugary mandarin, grape and pine, with a floral-fuel gas, and then mandarin,grape again. The amazing beefy colas explode in a spectrum of bright green hues which emit a Fruity Sweet Flavor. The effects of Zkittlez BX are surprisingly uplifting for an indica, leaving patients focused, alert, and happy while, relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day. Don’t put too much on the agenda! Go see a movie or other relaxing activity!

35% THC


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