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1 Ounce Super Exotic – Jealousy F3 (Hybrid) 35% THC

1 Ounce Super Exotic – Jealousy F3 (Hybrid) 35% THC


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1 Ounce Super Exotic – Jealousy F3 (Hybrid)

This Indica-dominant  hybrid cannabis strain has a reputation for being extremely potent. The THC content in our batch of Jealousy was grown by Tahoe Hydro, tested at nearly 30% THC!  . It is a cross of Gelato 41 with Sherbert Bx1. The robust, popcorn-shaped, Jealousy nuggets have tightly curled, forest-green leaves, with olive-green streaks. These are almost completely hidden under the caterpillar-like, fuzzy yellow trichomes. A web of fiery-orange pistils run through the buds like streets on a road map. The aroma is strong, but sweet, with fumes of orange-citrus being most notable alongside hints of lavender. The flavor is similar to orange soda, with a peppery aftertaste. Although Jealousy is technically Indica-dominant, users report a powerful psychoactive euphoria, which is not surprising considering its potency. Most users say they experience increases in energy and enhanced creativity, with a stimulation of the imagination.

35% THC


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