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1 Ounce Private Reserve – Northern Lights #7 (Sativa)


1 Ounce Private Reserve – Northern Lights #7 (Sativa)


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1 Ounce Private Reserve – Northern Lights #7 (Sativa)

the Northern Lights strain has pretty much attained legendary status among seasoned weed lovers. This super popular strain is a long-time favorite for its potency and powerful mix of mind-body effects. Known for slamming users straight into a blissful, altered, and deeply relaxed state, Northern Lights is noted by many as a two-hit-quit strain. Its high THC content induces a near-immediate sedative effect accompanied by an uplifting, carefree euphoria that melts away stress and anxiety. Smooth, earthy, hashy, and slightly sweet, Northern Lights has an old-school flavor profile that can be tough to find among today’s top-shelf strains. This well-loved bud has several potential benefits for medical patients, while recreational smokers turn to the strain to chill out and relax at the end of a long, stressful day.

28.5% THC



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