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1 Ounce House Shelf – Northern Haze (Sativa) 28.1% THC

1 Ounce House Shelf – Northern Haze (Sativa) 28.1% THC


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1 Ounce House Shelf – Northern Haze (Sativa)

Northern Haze is a strain that comes from Northern Lights #5 and Haze. It should not be confused with Super Northern Haze, a combination of Northern Lights and Super Silver Haze, or Northern Lights Haze. However, normal Northern Haze is sometimes listed as “Northern Haze Express” and this isn’t right either since that strain is a different phenotype (it has Lowryder genetics mixed in). Always check the listed genetics to make sure which strain you’ve got. If you’ve got normal Northern Haze, you’re in for a decent amount of THC and a calming, happiness-inducing afternoon. Keep reading to learn about this little lemon masterpiece and what you can expect from it.

28.1% THC


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