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1 Ounce House Shelf – GMO Kush (Indica)28.3% THC

1 Ounce House Shelf – GMO Kush (Indica)28.3% THC


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1 Ounce House Shelf – GMO Kush (Indica)

GMO Kush has the hype behind it, backed by THC, for users driven by a crazy obsession to taste its uniquely spicy flavor. The strain can put you down and knock you out, wielding a somewhat mysterious genetic lineage against the stresses of your broken brain. Divine Genetics created GMO Kush and locked its sights on experienced users, those who don’t mind a little extra spice (and a lot of extra kick). The strain technically is a genetically modified organism, but not the kind you should avoid in fast food. So long as your tolerance is high, your pleasure will be higher.

28.3% THC


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