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1 Ounce House Shelf – Caribbean Haze (Sativa) 26.5% THC

1 Ounce House Shelf – Caribbean Haze (Sativa) 26.5% THC


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1 Ounce House Shelf – Caribbean Haze (Sativa)

Caribbean Haze is a Indica dominant hybrid with a THC content that ranges from 22-27%. Caribbean Haze is not a strain for newcomers to marijuana as it is quite powerful and potent, with definitely dominant body effects and only slight Sativa qualities. It takes effect shortly after being consumed, wearing off quite slowly. It is a super smooth smoke with no roughness on the exhale, and is not a motivational or creative strain of marijuana. Most users who intend to smoke this strain should have a funny movie at hand as well as some snacks. It can also be good for group sessions where everybody can chill out, but is not an active strain of marijuana. Caribbean Haze has a wonderful aroma which will quickly fill the room and is often described as a mix of lime and watermelon. It has a sweet taste and is covered with sticky resin, the ideal strain for marijuana concentrates. Caribbean Haze is a connoisseur’s strain for both smokers and cultivators. It is difficult to grow but is worth the effort for those who can find seeds and grow it properly.

26.5% THC


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