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1 Ounce Exotic – Northern Jack (Sativa)

1 Ounce Exotic – Northern Jack (Sativa)


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1 Ounce Exotic – Northern Jack (Sativa)

The Northern Jack strain is a hybrid cross between northern lights and the Jack Herer strain. It is an incredible looking bud, a deep hue of green with a crazy amount of orange hairs that not only make this bud great to look at but great for photography reasons as well. Not to mention that wherever there is green on these buds, there happens to be a thick sheet of trichomes present as well, giving Northern Jack the title of one of the best looking buds around.

With a smell full of citrusy, lemony accents, you would think that this strain would be pretty mellow. However, there is a skunky stench that emits from the bud, letting you know that it’s a strong strain and not one to be messed with. If the smell alone doesn’t get you, the taste will! This strain is perfectly complimented by your morning cup of coffee. And since it’s a pretty even mix of both sativa and indica, you’ll be able to go about your day normally and without any signs of pain or uncomfortableness. The taste still holds the fruity undertones and remains as sweet as ever, giving you a smooth hit that is sure to get you perfectly elevated for the day.

For the patients that are looking for a good strain to help them with the medical needs, Northern Jack gives just the right amount of healing power with a clear head high that won’t leave you stuck on the couch all day… Unless that’s where you want to be. You won’t lose your motivation and if anything, the strain will increase your creativity as well as your productivity, making it a great wake and bake/sneaky work smoke break kind of strain. Providing a long lasting relief from the aches and pains that patients feel, it’s highly recommended that you get some Northern Jack and give it a chance!

34% THC



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