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1 Ounce Super Exotic – Apples and Bananas smalls (Sativa) 35.5% THC

1 Ounce Super Exotic – Apples and Bananas smalls (Sativa) 35.5% THC


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1 Ounce Super Exotic – Apples and Bananas smalls (Sativa)

It is said to taste of its namesake fruit: apples and bananas. Compound Genetics and Cookies collaborated to create Apples and Bananas as a combination of a Platinum Cookies and Granddaddy Purple hybrid with a Blue Power male.

Some people find that Apples and Bananas leaves them feeling aroused or romantic. It produces an immediate  state of intense euphoria. You may find inspiration in its chaotic whirlwind. Keep your plans loose. It’s hard to know what direction Apples and Bananas will pull you in– that’s part of the fun.

Caryophyllene and limonene terpenes combine with spicy myrcene to create a sweet spiced apple flavor. This strain tastes more like diesel than bananas. The gas notes are high octane, and they somewhat supress the ripe fruity flavor buried underneath.

The buds are dense and chunky.  Green, orange, and purple. Frosty platinum with trichomes.

Caution: Apples and Bananas hits hard. If you’re prone to paranoia or anxiety from stronger strains, this may not be a fit for you.

35.5% THC

small buds




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