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Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone Cannabis Products

Pacific Stone grows, cures and packages cannabis directly from our farm. You can be sure that every flower we grow and pack has been cared for by the caring hands of our team. Our main focus is to deliver high quality Pacific Stone flowers, at the Pacific Stone price. That means a premium smoke at a low price, for everyone to enjoy. Pacific Stone is located in sunny Santa Barbara on the Pacific Coast. It was established by a group of family and friends who share a dynamic passion for growing clean, consistent and affordable cannabis. Enhance the good times and enjoy the simple pleasures of memorable and sharing moments. Experience an adventurous new world where great cannabis is accessible, affordable, and deliciously smokable.

Pacific Stone is a labor of love from a group of friends and family in Southern California. Pacific Stone was founded on California’s central coast along the Pacific Ocean by a group of friends who share a passion; grow great cannabis. We have deep roots in the SoCal cannabis business and culture. 

Pacific Stone was founded with the desire to provide healthy, responsible, and fun experiences, bringing friends and family together to create memories for a lifetime. Our values are product quality, from seed to shelf, and a deep focus on customer service. Each premium California flower bag or package of premium pre-rolls is a little paradise from our family to yours. Pacific Stone lives in the heart of simplified, shareable, accessible and memorable good times.

Our main goal is to deliver high quality products at low cost for everyone to enjoy. Grab your friends, family and a pack of our pre-rolls and join us on our effortless and easy adventure into the new world of cannabis.

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