Are you stuck inside due to COVID-19 and looking for a marijuana delivery? Most counties, cities and states have shut down regular operations of businesses but marijuana businesses remain open due to being “essential”. Marijuana dispensaries are open, however you can only get a pick up or a delivery order right now.

Most states have designated medical marijuana dispensaries as essential parts of the health care system, and so they have remained open. Other states have shut down adult-use sales while allowing medical sales. Certain jurisdictions allow only delivery or curbside pickup.

Here at Herban Delivery we are ready to help you through this pandemic and are working hard around the clock daily for our clients and patients. Call us if you need a delivery to your home or office of cannabis. We are open during COVID-19.

Furthermore, the advent of COVID-19 has brought on the adoption of delivery fulfillment, which is potentially cleaner than in-store transactions.